Successful Client Relations Depend on Transparency, Focus on Service and Succeed with Integrated Planning & Communication.

QuikPark maintains long-standing partnerships with distinguished clients in the Washington DC metropolitan area, ranging from building owners, asset and property management.

QuikPark also partners with Data Analytics Firms since our leadership is passionate about integrating technology in the Parking Industry to explore and develop dynamic pricing models, improve parker experience, revenue collection and overall asset performance.

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Interested in maximizing your existing or planned parking facility’s performance? QuikPark provides insight & complimentary analysis of your owned or managed parking facilities. Find out more by contacting us below.

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QuikPark’s management team may serve as your resource in planning a parking facility from the design stages taking into account all necessary considerations based on end user needs and the operational environment. Equipment proposals can be complex and include features not suited to your specific facility or inversely be inadequate to accomplish complex user requirements and result in costly change orders.

QuikPark management is experienced in automating existing manual operations to compliment the facility’s unique characteristics. Let us take the wheel and operate your facility to perform in line with your distinct objectives and goals.

We take maintenance very important. Do you have a 5 year Capital Plan for your Parking Facility? We maintain relationships with structural engineer firms and repair and restoration contractors that can help you ensure your garage is structurally secure, identify potential hazards and reduce inconvenience to your parkers and tenants by overseeing repair and restoration projects before they necessitate complete garage closures and affect revenue streams and impact tenant obligations.

Example Restoration Project Managed:

Project Cost: $1.8 million Full and Partial Depth Repairs involving Hydro demolition, Shoring, vehicle relocations, and temporary drive lanes.

Over 33 years of LOCAL industry expertise and knowledge in garage management, maintenance, and automation.


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