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Mr. Sigismond Nicolls

General Manager

Mr. Nicolls is responsible for the day-to-day aspects of the QuikPark company operations in DC and Northern Virginia, including overseeing the function of the Field Project Manager and the Facility Managers.  His duties include annual budgeting, facility performance review, policy and procedure implementation, facility inspections, periodic on-site audits, damage claim management, personnel support, and client/guest relations. Mr. Nicolls has previously overseen a Hospitality Valet Operation composed of over 25 attendants and 1 salaried manager. He has shown the ability to develop new locations to exceed client expectations and budgeted financial goals. Sigismond has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and garage management sector with a degree in Sport Management from Hampton University.

Mr. Rigoberto Ramos

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Ramos serves as the daily contact between associates and building tenants ensuring smooth operation and promotes financial performance as well as a service orientated environment. He visits each garage location daily, always observant to insure the proper application all QuikPark policies, procedures, and service delivery is in accordance with our standards. Formal monthly garage inspections, personnel hiring and support, as well as customer relations are duties carried out by the Senior Project Manager. Rigoberto has been a valued employee of QuikPark, in a management roll for 20 years exuding an incredible knowledge of the DC market from both the perspective of our clients and parking patrons contributing to our ability to be a seamless extension of the Property Management teams at each location.

Mr. Ken Dando

Senior Auditor & Monthly Account Manager

Mr. Dando is charged with the responsibility of conducting examinations of all revenue collection procedures to insure accountability, and for maintenance of all patron damage/loss claims. He has a thorough knowledge of existing parking policies and procedures, and assists operations in the implementation of new policies and procedures when necessary. He is charged with both the auditing of daily cashier/management reports and physical onsite audits of garage locations to ensure proper application of ticketing, payment, and monthly access procedures. Mr. Dando has been performing his auditor assignments for QuikPark for over 25 years.

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