The parking industry is dynamic and diversified; therefore the operator must be experienced in Client Expectations and how to deliver financial results with the best service.

Class – A Commercial Office

Where it all started. QuikPark originated as a division of the locally respected Quadrangle Development & Property Management Company and since the early 1980’s QuikPark has been operating as a direct extension of the on-site property management teams to ensure consistent service and efficient arrival & departure experiences.

We make your goals our mission and implement sound reporting and operating procedures that reduce expenses, improve visibility to maximize exposure and more importantly drive revenue even after hours and weekends.

A well-managed garage adds value to your property and helps attract the best tenants.

As an office building partner you will realize the following QuikPark benefits:

  • Professionally Managed Parking Facilities: whether it is remote monitored or staffed by one of our trained and experienced Attendants with various levels of Management Oversight
  • Secure, Efficient and Clean Facilities: we adhere to strict environmentally conscious maintenance programs and implement & invest in camera and monitoring equipment with remote access capabilities.
  • Data Analytics Partnerships to justify rate changes, demonstrate productivity, or simply monitor in real time to identify trends for better yield management.
  • Automating / Designing Garages to best meet building specific functions and opportunities.


We operate with top level government clients and understand their specific requirements and applications such as “System for Awards Management.”


QuikPark provides 24/7 service to various 4 diamond hotel clients in the Downtown DC Market and invests in technology to better monitor valet activity to ensure proper usage and controls are in place to protect your revenue streams and minimize lost tickets.


Understanding and providing traceable validation redemption programs with high turnover is paramount to retail clients to attract and retain their customer basis.

Theater/Event Venues

QuikPark operates numerous parking facilities within blocks to Warner, National and Ford’s theater, as well as popular event venues such as the Verizon and Convention Center. We partner directly with the Theaters and online reserved parking vendors to promote a seamless parking experience and ensure maximum revenue for our clients.

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